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Submitted on
January 30, 2012


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====RANT AHEAD====

Yes im starting to block people, the "waaa you made fun of ma show! U R FURFAG" bullshit in their replies is getting tiresome, and heres why!

1. You preach "love and tolerance" but don't follow it, the retarded bronies that come to this group to bitch out its members and it's existence is rather hypocritical, is it not? You want to know tolerance? Ive tolerated the pony spam on multiple fronts and the ponification of everything that I ever loved since all this shit started, first I was quiet, then I became verbal with my opinion, and when my opinion gets shot down, my "tolerance" for you little bastards starts to get eaten away.

2. Lately ive been trying to get away from all of this crap, I talk to friends, play a few games, watch youtube, and celebrate my fathers and my soon-to-come birthday, not to mention im trying to build a computer and manage all the requirements to even begin getting anything together (I had to have a dedicated electrical socket put in on it's own breaker, all of this is coming out of my own pocket and already I had the guys who put it in try scam me out of more money.)

So why the sudden change? simple, my level of "tolerance" is being abused, how you may ask? some examples.

1. I'm seeing ponified religions and now ponified history (the civil war and WW2 specifically), the religion thing kinda pushed it, the wars however, has launched it over the canyon. A lot of people fucking died for your ass to be here today, and you'll go and disrespect the people who died for you by doing this shit? Not to mention the involved art theft of doing it. Then you'll expect people who are disgusted by it to bend over, take it up the ass, then like it, sorry to tell you my friends, but the "tolerance" bank is empty now, and I am now reporting the bullshit art theft as I see it, and if you think doing it is funny, sorry to tell you but it isn't.

2. I can't seriously go 10 minutes at the computer without my DA notifications alerting (an audible one I might add) me to some butthurt retarded brony who feels the need to defend their beloved half-assed cartoon who also feels the need to spam traced pictures and vectors all over DA. A logical comment/convo I can handle, a comment such as "your opinion is invalid you furfag" is instantly block worthy in my book, but nope, I still try to shit out whatever "tolerance" I have left and try to give them a chance of understanding why im getting pissed off at this shit, if they continue, then yeah, im tired of dealing with that individual, and they're blocked until they see why they were to begin with (and im grateful to the people who show them), or if I feel really nice, it's a temp block until I calm down and can think straight.

so to reiterate
what I will tolerate:
*logical conversations
*(I'll painfully grit my teeth)ponified shit of all my beloved things since I was ever born.

what I won't tolerate:
*idiots and their stupid comments/replies (case by case basis)
*ponified religion/wars/history/copyrighted stuff/army/me
*pony spam
*bronies/people who whine and bitch when they are blocked

I'm just seriously tired of this shit and this rant makes me feel better, I don't know what to add at this point other than sorry if you didn't deserve a block, it'll be undone under certain circumstances.
So anyways, great way of waking up to the day.
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Splashia Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I hate the rabid anti-fans. I don't hate anti-bronies in particular; it's their opinion. But they, like rabid bronies say to antibronies, tell bronies to go die in a hole, see a doctor, they have autism or to get lost.
I'm not pointing to you in particular.
I'm not a rabid brony (or a rabid Pegasister). I'm not crazy about it, I have never told anti-bronies to go die in a hole or stop complaining or that they're complete morons. I like the show. Not the fandom. And if every single brony to you is stupid, idiotic and moronic, then I'm not gonna have anything to do with this, but I wanna let you know that not every single fan of the show is annoying! Not every fan tries to defend their show. Not every fan is autistic. Not every fan is RABID.

And not every piece of MLP art is stolen. There are poses and even plain idles of a character. If someone drew, perhaps, a plain picture of a character-- Oh! It's the same character, it's art theft from someone! (possibly a character from Lauren Faust's cartoon, but that's not the case)

You said a logical comment is something you can handle; but I'm saying something positive about the show, and I'm not saying this is going to happen, but if you disregard this comment as something "illogical" because it's regarding the rabid anti-bronies, then you're basically lying about what you said. And I know this journal is old, but my message is that not every fan is rabid, or ever will be, and that you shouldn't block people if they like MLP, unless they're saying something idiotic to you (which I'm guessing is that MLP is not horrible...)

And I just realized how long this thing is... But you get my message. I'm not saying that all anti-bronies are rabid, I'm saying that not all BRONIES are rabid. And if you say something like "go die, you're autistic" or whatever, keep in mind what I said. I'll appreciate it if someone replied with a logical answer.
bringerofjustice5 Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2014
*sigh* When did he/she ever say anything about hating anyone who likes MLP? From what I read, he/she was talking about the rabid bronies that spam his/her inbox with unfounded rants.
Splashia Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm gonna avoid saying that that was a kind-of-old comment that for some odd reason you replied to, and get straight to the point:

He/she did not mention anything about the GOOD bronies, and instead cherry-picking and stereotyping to prove his point, which is very bad way to get your point across. 

The above seems to make this journal come across as illogical and downright stereotypical, not to mention a logical fallacy to try to get people to believe him/her by pointing out only the things that try to prove their point, instead of the tons of points that prove AGAINST it.

Can you quote from the passage where he mentioned anything about the good bronies?

Also I find it weird how your account is only three months old and you've only made five comments, so I'm not sure if you're the alternate account of someone in this group to hide or what.
bringerofjustice5 Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2014
Yeah, I really should've  checked the date.

I guess you're kinda right on that.

I see your point.

No, no I can't.

Nah, I'm just new here :P
Splashia Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Okay then. Glad to see for once someone not exploding when I prove someone else wrong x3
bringerofjustice5 Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2014
Well why would I? You were being polite and reasonable:D
Splashia Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're the second person I've talked to who didn't scream at me for pointing out some person's mistakes.
bringerofjustice5 Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2014
Really? Wow.
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LordOfThePeas Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2014  Student Writer
Nice OC, buddy. Are you descended from Picasso?
Splashia Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hahahah it's not my OC, it's a Hasbro character from a toy line.
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